The ambition of the Ashram is to offer 1. Relevant teaching & transmitting of various authentic yoga sciences including many meditative practices which one may use to attain the state of perfect blissfulness. 2. The ancient knowledge of tantra will be taught with its profound methods for self-discovery and inner wellbeing. 3. Various authentic vedic & natural healing methods including Ayurveda will provide holistic wellbeing. 4. The knowledge transmission (diksha) and spiritual expression (siddhis) is offered via the lineage of enlightened masters (guru parampara) of advaita vedanta5. Moreover, the ashram will offer joyful, practical and experiential teachings to allow one to be immersed in vedic wisdom, to create a sustainable lifestyle & to do so in absolute freedom and enlightenment.


The construction of buildings and huts will be created using fully eco-friendly materials, following the traditional system of architecture, vashtu shastra. To look at the Ashram plan, please click here.

(1) Yoganidhilinga Temple

This will be constructed in a profound energetic form and the doorway to spiritual liberation. It will offer an opportunity to do spiritual practices in the utmost divine intimacy for spiritual seekers.

(2) Dakshinamurti Dhyan Kutir

This meditation and teaching hall will be large enough to accommodate 25 people. It will be energized with the presence of Dakshinamurti, the Adiyogi and the Supreme Master. This form represents Shiva as a teacher of all forms of yoga, music, wisdom, art and the divine awareness.

(3) Yogi Shala

Dormitories which will provide accommodation for 14 people and a reception room.

(4) Annapurna Kitchen

The kitchen will serve pure sattvic vegetarian food. For the Ashram’s kitchen, the organic vegetables and fruits will be grown in our bio-garden near the ashram.

(5) Saptrishi Kutir

The seven huts consecrated with the grace of Saptrishi (seven great Rishis) – Kashyapa, Atri, Vasistha, Vishvamitra, Gautama Maharishi, Jamadagni and Bharadvaja. They will follow the pattern of Saptrishi mandala (Big Dipper- a large asterism consisting of seven bright stars). The huts are designed for an individual spiritual practitioner (sadhak); two huts will be with double beds and five will have single beds and all will have a place for tranquil spiritual practice (sadhana).

(6) Acharya Shala

The lodging for those organize & manage the Ashram and for our spiritual teachers and masters.

(7) Charaka Wellbeing Center

A holistic treatment space based upon Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing system and other natural therapies designed to revitalize, balance, and restore your mind, body and spirit.

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Some basics answers for questions people ask:
The ashram ownership and management belongs to Sachhidanandaprem Organizations.
Sachhidanandaprem Organizations (a group of Europen and Indian association) is a non-profit and non-religious association and established for the benefits of all people from around the world.
Any donation is used for building the center which is dedicated to public welfare.
The sponsors get benefit with terms and conditions. Sponsors may talk directly to Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin